Indian Weather

Monsoon - July to September when monsoon rains sweep across the country with daily torrential downpours and a high possibility of flooding making travel difficult in all areas except the northwest. Duration of monsoons may vary in different regions by several weeks.

Cool - The months from October to February are some of the best times to visit as the weather is very pleasant with minimal rainfall in most places.
Hot - March to June witnesses temperatures that can soar above average making the hot season unbearable and the hazy, dust-laden air can hamper views. Many people head to "hill stations" which provide a welcome relief from the extreme heat of the lowlands.

Cyclones - June to September can suffer from these fierce tropical storms, which mainly affect the east coast of India, cause high winds, intense rain and a possibility of tidal waves.Indian Travel Agent will be pleased to guide & assist you for any additional Requirement or do’s and don’ts so as to make your India visit a memorable experienceWe will apdate you of the aspected weather condition during your visit. On receiving confirmation & full payment of your tour .